Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Choose Happy: Making Choices

Something I found when I tried to start dealing with my depression was that everything seemed so huge. Tasks seemed gigantic - eating healthy every day, working out regularly, always going to bed before eleven, getting up and out of bed each morning. Who wants to start something that's going to happen every single day from then on? It sounds huge and scary and difficult.

We hear about this a lot - that mentality of 'always starting your diet on Monday'? The reason we don't start right now is because we don't want to do the now and for the rest of time thing. Making a decision to start something that basically never ends is intimidating, and overwhelming, and makes us nervous. So we delay. And delay. And delay. 

So here's something I've been doing. Instead of making a sweeping statement - I'm going to get out of bed before seven every single day, I'm always going to be in bed by eleven, I'm going to eat healthy food all the time, I'm going to work out five times a week - start small. Just make one good choice. That's it.

Sometimes the choice I have to make is: will I get out of bed today? Or: will I order a huge pizza or go downstairs and make some healthy eggs and veggies instead? And it's a lot easier when you only have to summon enough common-sense and willpower for that one moment. Make that one choice, that's it. Choose a healthy home-cooked dinner over a pizza delivery, choose to exercise instead of pressing snooze, choose to shower and dress instead of spending the day in your PJs. Just one little decision. 

It's not always easy to choose the thing that will make you happier in the long run, but it's usually worth it. And this way, you don't have to choose to make a huge life change. Just make one little choice. One. And next time you have a decision to make, make another good choice. That's it. One choice at a time. Easier, right? :)

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