Friday, 12 September 2014

What I Ate ... Friday?

I even had all of these pictures taken on Tuesday and ready to go. This week and next week are insanely busy for me, but I still am amazed at how difficult I apparently found it just to stick the pictures into a blog post for What I Ate Wednesday. Next week will be better! Anyway, here are last Tuesday's eats.

Breakfast was my first ever green smoothie! Frozen mango, kiwi, banana, frozen spinach and natural yoghurt. And it tasted surprisingly good, too!

After breakfast I headed out for a run, and when I got back I made this awesome lunch...

 Scrambled eggs on half a bagel - trust me when I tell you using a bagel is so much better than regular bread! And a bowl of raspberry yoghurt and blueberries on the side. 

Midway through an afternoon of work (ugh) I had a little snack...

Tea and one of these Apple Pie flavour Nakd bars. By far the best flavour of Nakd bar known to man. Always, always get these ones.

For dinner I had this glorious heap of broccoli and carrots, along with some delicious yellowfin sole in a lemon crumb. These are divine and you can get them in Aldi for fairly cheap, and the best part is they cook from frozen. All the things I love most. <3

And my bedtime snack was an apple, which I ate on a late night walk and so it was too dark to photograph it. But still, I'm sure you know what apples look like :P


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