Monday, 8 September 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 1 - 7 September

 I've been working this week on getting the blog self-hosted - we are mere days away, my friends - and so I've been a total moron and forgotten to take any pictures. Hopefully my ridiculous annotations will be acceptable instead!

Monday: 5km + 1km, weights, core
(I did the five on my way to the gym, then ran half of the distance back just for a bit of extra mileage in my week.)

Tuesday: 6km easy, core
(This was absolutely killer. Major fueling mistakes, as in I'd barely eaten anything for about twelve hours. It was slower than slow but at least it got done!)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 5km fast, Keiser resistance
(This was a beautiful treadmill day - I've been loving the treadmill recently for some reason. I alternated two minutes at 9km/h and one at 11km/h and loved it, this is a fantastic interval length for me - definitely going to incorporate this more!)

Friday: 15 min cross-trainer, 15 min recumbent bike, weights
(I love cross-training day so much. These were serious sweat sessions, not gentle slack-off time, let me tell you! I did intervals for both and fairly cranked the energy. So nice.)

Saturday: 11km long run
(I screwed up my timing majorly and so this got done on the treadmill. It was actually gorgeous - I threw in a bunch of different intervals and speed settings to make it interesting and spent it listening to every song I've liked for the past few months. Awesome. And surprisingly, not horrifically difficult either!)

Sunday: rest

So that's my week! Next week's recap will hopefully be  on a self hosted site! And will include my longest run ever, 12km. Scaryyyy....

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