Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hello September!

September has arrived! I'm so excited for autumn to finally get here. I want cool crisp days and early evening sunsets and warm spicy scents and evenings by the fire and bundling up in jumpers and boots and thick tights. Winter is my favourite season but autumn comes a close second, especially since they often blur together around here. Oh, and here's a fun fact for you - traditionally Ireland counts autumn from 1st August and winter from 1st November. So it's not as far away as you might think! 

I thought I'd make two little lists for September, to kick off the month (and back-to-college!) right. Three September goals, and three things I'm really excited about. Here we go...

Three Goals for September

  1. Move the blog to self-hosted. I'm beyond excited about this! You might already know that professionally I'm a web designer/developer, and so having a Blogger blog irks me no end. I didn't want to spend money initially before making sure I'd keep up the blog, but now that I know it's sticking around I definitely want a real domain name and a real design and layout exactly how I like it. I'll keep you posted!
  2. Make smoothies. I've wanted to start making green smoothies for breakfast for ages, but kept on putting off buying a blender. This week I got sick of waiting, so in my groceries this week I bought heaps of (perishable!) smoothie ingredients, to force myself to get a blender before they expire. I'm planning on getting one this afternoon, and hopefully making a smoothie in the morning.  
  3. Stay organised. A big ask, no? With college starting back, I have a lot of things to keep on track with. On top of my actual college work, I do PR for three student societies, plus a bit of web development spec work - and I have half marathon training. I know a lot more about saying no than I used to, so I know that as long as I keep relatively organised I can get everything done. I'm usually super good at this, since I'm a bit obsessive about keeping a planner - the promised post about that is coming! - but I want to make sure to stay on top of things so I can continue doing everything I love.

Three Exciting Things

  1. Freshers Week. The first week of college isn't actually a week of classes, but an orientation week for new students. I'm far from a new student at this stage, but student societies use the week to attract new members by doing tons of promotion and running events. Since I'm heavily involved with not one but three societies, my Freshers Week will be insanely busy, but really fun!
  2. Camping with my boyfriend. We wanted to go camping all summer, but time just got away from us. So we decided to do it this weekend, with a twist - we're camping in my parents' back garden. It's big enough to not feel like we're just beside the house (and there's a big hedge separating the house from most of the garden) but if it's freezing or it lashes rain we have the option to go inside for tea/blankets/fireplace. Win-win!
  3. Upping my long run mileage. I keep mentioning how scary this is, but it's also going to be fun! I love love love doing long slow distance runs, so I'm really excited to start properly upping my mileage. Hopefully it goes well!

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