Monday, 1 September 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 25 - 31 August

Week two of my half marathon training plan done and dusted. Apart from switching my rest day from Wednesday to Tuesday, which is something my plan allows anyway (I can wiggle my rest days a bit if I need to as long as all the runs still get done), I've checked every run off the plan this week too, and I'm delighted! This is my last easy week before my long run distance starts kicking it up a level though - next week will be 11km, almost my longest ever run. (My longest ever was 11.5km sometime last year, just for fun.) 

Monday: 5km speedwork
 (I did this in the gym and managed to sneak a quick picture in the gym mirrors - look how cute my tank top was!)

 Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5km easy

 Thursday: 5km easy, core

Friday: 20 min cross-trainer, 10 min stair climber, weights
(look at the creepily empty changing room! I was the only one in my room)

Saturday: 10km long run
Sunday: rest

Next week I've got an 11km long run. I'm also thinking about bumping up my midweek mileage a teeny bit - I have a midweek 6km run that I might extend to 7km if it feels good on the day. We'll see! I just feel weird running such short midweek runs when my weekends are so long.

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