Saturday, 12 April 2014

Early Morning Adventures!

I've been hit with a weird illness this week. It started out as a cold, then the cold symptoms went away and a fever appeared. It's almost gone now but my workouts have taken a nosedive because of it! I'd been hitting the gym hard every night up to Wednesday, but then I barely made it out of bed Thursday, nevermind working out! 

Yesterday I managed a short 2km run on the roads around my apartment, which nearly killed, and 50 squats for good measure afterwards. Last night I headed home for the weekend, and with my fever all but gone, I planned on a bright and early 4km run to get back into things. 

This is part of my regular route when I'm at home - it doesn't look great when it's overcast but it's actually gorgeous. We literally live in the middle of nowhere and I get to run on real country lanes and it's great. BUT not so great today!

I'd barely made it a kilometre up the road when this huge black pitbull ran at me from a hedge. Needless to say, I screamed and ran! It didn't try to jump on me, but was running at me and barking like crazy. I'm not particularly scared of dogs normally but this was terrifying! Luckily a woman was driving past and she offered to drive me past him, an offer I gratefully accepted. But the only loop I could make to avoid him was almost 8km long, not the plan and probably impossible in my current state... so I called my dad and got a lift back to my house, where I ran laps of our garden for ten minutes to somewhat make up for cutting my run short. Probably totalled about 2.5km altogether.

Then I tried to do weights and managed about three reps before giving in. Note to self: don't run on an empty stomach when you're not fully recovered from illness, you'll be wrecked. So my day will consist of lots of this...

(That's not actual Evian water, it's a 1-litre bottle I bought ages ago, filled up with good ol' tap water.)

Apart from that, I'll be spending some quality time with my college notebooks, trying to prep for end-of-year exams - mine start the 6th of May this year. 

See you soon!

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