Friday, 18 April 2014

Illness Update & Easter Weekend!

So, a quick illness update!

Some of you maybe remember a fever appearing from nowhere in the middle of last week. Well, it didn't go away for almost an entire week, and on Monday I woke up with some pretty scary chest pains that made deep breaths tricky. Needless to say I headed for the doctor, who sent me for bloods and an x-ray (although they didn't end up doing bloods after all - I'm a nightmare to take blood from and my x-ray showed the problem anyway). Apparently I got a viral infection that caused inflammation in my chest, which explains both my breathing issues and why my heart would freak out if I tried to so much as climb some stairs (not enough room for my lungs to expand, so not as much oxygen as I needed for anything more than slow walking).

So of course exercise has hit the floor. BUT, my fever's been gone for two days now and the chest pains are all but gone too! So I'm hoping to hit the road in my running shoes on Monday.

I did manage to go to the zoo on Tuesday though - walking around the zoo is exercise right?

Look how cute the red pandas are! Red pandas are basically the entire reason I ever go to the zoo. We must have stood there for 20 minutes at least just staring at them. (I went with my boyfriend - we used passes I got him for his birthday a few weeks ago - and on the way out in the giftshop he bought me a red panda teddy! He's called Ginger, or Gin for short. I'm a loser and I don't careeeee.)

This weekend is Easter, and even though I'm an atheist I tend to get excited over the sweets anyway. Not that I'm eating anything particularly Eastery, but I am having a few treats.
These are keeping me company today while I study. (If you like sour stuff, these are from Lidl and they are so good, definitely go try them!)

Boyfriend and I are saving these for an after-study treat this evening (possibly with some Nutella on them...) 

Monday/Tuesday will see me firmly back on the healthy-eating bandwagon, promise! My dad gave me this gadget that's supposed to make omelettes in the microwave, so hopefully I'll be getting some use out of that.

See you soon!

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