Sunday, 27 April 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 21-27 April

Monday: 3km slow run

Tuesday: 4km slow run (on a treadmill)
Wednesday: 4.75km slow run (I ran 4km, then did a 250m walk and another 500m run - I'm trying to get my body used to the idea of running again after walking, just in case I get stuck walking at toilets/water stops during races)

Thursday: 3km speedwork on treadmill, 15 min high-resistance cross-trainer, weights & core work
Friday: rest
Saturday: 6km slow run, core work

 Sunday: 3km run to park, set of strength/core exercises (running between the stations - probably covered about 0.2/0.3km here), 0.7km run back

Last night I stayed with my boyfriend's family so this morning I was up bright and early to run in the park near their house. Guys, that park is awesome! Not only is it just the right amount of hilly, with really well-maintained paths all around it, but it's got strength training machines dotted around it. I am not kidding. They're tubular steel, I think, and the resistance obviously isn't adjustable or anything, but they are awesome. My favourites were the chest press and leg press, but there was also a steel version of one of those walk/run gym machines, plus a few core/shoulder things. So cool! (I also threw in some tricep dips, squats, push-ups etc because I'm that kind of weirdo.)

The machines you can see here are a couple of core/shoulder ones at the top, and the chest press at the bottom. That last picture is the view from the leg press - isn't it gorgeous?

This week has been the best possible week to have after being sick, workout-wise, and apart from an unplanned pizza stop on Friday it's been fairly decent food-wise too. I'm looking forward to next week! :)

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