Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hi, I'm Karen!

Hi everyone! I'm Karen, and this is my brand-new running, fitness and health blog. 

I've been running consistently since I was 16 (I did cross-country and athletics when I was younger, but they didn't really stick). Over the past two years, I've been through a lot health-wise and body-wise, and have been getting more and more into fitness as I learn how to love and take care of my body. 

I read tons of running and fitness blogs already and have always wanted to write my own, but I was always a bit nervous - I tend to read the 'bigger' blogs just because it can be tricky to find smaller ones, and everyone is so accomplished and talented! But I figured I've been thinking about it for so long I'll just keep wondering if I don't give it a try, so why not?! 

So who am I? I'm a 20-year-old university student, just finishing up my second year of a degree in Mathematics. I work freelance as a web designer/developer (so as soon as I have time and I'm not breaking my back with exam study I can hopefully do something cool with my blog design) and I'm also really involved with societies in my university - I mainly do the PR roles, as I get to design all the posters and things that way, and design is my favourite thing. I love music and play/sing at the occasional college open mic - I've played guitar and flute for years. I've got a whole bunch of other random interests and obsessions that I'm sure will pop up over the course of me writing this blog!

Oh, and the inspiration for my blog name? I'm addicted to tea. I'm Irish so I guess it's expected, but I drink more tea than literally anyone I've ever met, ever. Ah sure, why not?

So that's me, and here we go! Coming up soon is my first proper fitness-y post. 

Oh, and here's me, post-run - we may as well get the embarrassing post-workout selfies out there early! I promise I have semi-decent hair in my normal life. (That T-shirt is actually epically luminous green and was a race tee from my second ever 10k race, last summer.)

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