Sunday, 20 April 2014

Healthy food and a boring Easter

Today, thankfully, I had some nice healthy (and tasty!) food. While I was sick only a very small selection of foods didn't make me feel sick at any given time (I remember one odd lunch where the only thing I could stand the thought of was marshmallows...) and once I was feeling better I seemed to be running around here, there and everywhere, eating out or with other people, or not having any decent food at home. I'd planned on grocery shopping Monday and then kickstarting the healthy food Tuesday but you just get so sick of eating crap and feeling miserable. I'll end up saying this over and over on this blog, probably, but healthy food makes you feel good. I always feel gross and run-down and blah when I'm not eating well. 

So anyway! Some snaps of a day's worth of food. (I stuck around in my apartment for Easter this year as my parents are working anyway and I've a lot of studying to do, so no Easter dinners or anything...) Breakfast was my go-to yoghurt and muesli with a cup of tea.

 Isn't my Scrabble mug cute? It was a Secret Santa present. This ended up being my only tea of the day :( I ran out of milk and everywhere's shut for Easter Sunday so I can't get more til tomorrow.


Lunch was wholewheat pasta with some fruit. This is the pasta and sauce I always use - this sauce looks like crap but it tastes better than every fancy sauce I've tried. I've been eating wholewheat pasta for so long now I actually like it much better than white (and of course it's way better for you!)

 Having a quick snack break while going over my study plan for the week. Fun... :/
(This banana looks weird because the top bit stayed attached to the bunch when I pulled it off. Oops)

I tried out the omelette-maker I was talking about for dinner, to make a chicken and cheese omelette (best omelette ingredients, by the way! and it's got heaps of protein). It takes literally three minutes in the microwave and was pretty simple to use - but the way it turned out it was more or less just scrambled eggs in an omelette shape with some chicken and cheese in the middle. Not that I'm complaining, it tasted great! But I think you could probably do the same in a regular bowl. (I also had some fruit and things with this but stupidly forgot to take pictures.) 

This has been the sky out my window today - not exactly the lovely sunshine we had yesterday... So I've stayed inside for most of the day, although I'm going to head out for a walk in a few minutes before it gets properly dark. I've spent today looking after my hair and skin a little better with the help of these two...

Tomorrow is the day I'm finally going to get back running again! I'm really excited, it's been a full week since I got to run and I finally feel well enough to go. I'll let you know how it goes!

See you soon!

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