Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday Five: where is summer going?!

(Apologies for the delay with this post! I messed up the automatic scheduling thing so it never went up when it was meant to.)

Seriously, HOW is the first week of August already over? What happened to all my gorgeous long months of just running and making websites and reading in the sunshine? I mean, it's been great, and I did check a lot of things off my mental summer to-do list, but it just seems like I have too many more things I want to do than time to do them in. 

That said, this week has involved some awesome food, awesome people, and awesome workouts - so here are my Friday Five!

1. Chia seed bread from Brennans

This is the absolute nicest bread you will ever, ever eat. It's just the right amount of grainy - some wholegrain breads can have way too much crunch and don't even seem like real bread anymore, but this one is a lovely mix of soft, grainy and seedy. Plus since chia seeds themselves are super pricey, it's nice to get them in without having to fork out heaps for them!

(This bag is almost gone because I eat it too quick to ever get a picture of it full!)

2. Rest, rest, rest

The past couple of days I've realised that what I urgently need more of in my life right now is downtime. More sleep, more relaxing, more chill-out time. I spent the past couple of days just prioritising sleep and rest as much as I can, and have been attempting to get my workouts done before work so I can spend the evenings just resting. It sounds a bit indulgent maybe, but I've spent way too long sacrificing sleep for work, friends, running, and generally just being busy, and I'm seeing too many negative effects to let it continue any longer. From here on out, R&R is a big priority!

Hot chocolate and blogs while sitting on my bed. More of this kind of evening please!

3. Raisins

Random, right?! I bought this pack of mini-boxes of raisins and I've been loving them. They make an awesome mid-morning snack at work, and they are also an amazing dessert if you stir them into some fruit yoghurt. Next step: making little raisin-and-cashew snacks for work. (I looooove cashews but I find it hard sometimes to eat them straight, so this could be just what I need!)

4. Cross-training at the gym

Recently I was at the gym, only had a little bit of time before I had to leave for work, and just didn't want to run speed intervals on a treadmill to get an efficient workout - so I hopped on a cross-trainer (elliptical, for my US readers!) and did a kick ass interval session that reminded me how much I love cross-training. I am beyond excited that a cross-training day is built into my half marathon training - can't wait to get back on my favourite cardio machines again!

5. Carrots

I sort of forgot until recently how much I love carrots. I've been snacking on raw cut-up carrots at work or as an evening snack, and shoving carrots into basically any meal where I can get away with it. They are soooooo good, and I've started keeping a container of ready-cut ones in my fridge for emergency snacking!


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