Monday, 11 August 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 4th - 10th August

 This week was gooooood workout-wise! Looking back over it I can't believe I got so much done. It's my first post-Dun Laoghaire week and I have another one before half marathon training kicks off - I always planned on using these weeks to have a bit of fun with my workouts and not stick to any rigid running schedule. Apparently that motivates me?!

Monday: Dun Laoghaire Bay 10k (recap coming soon!)

Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5km run, weights

Thursday: 5km run
(pizza day! This is a teeny mini pizza from Aldi and I made heaps of broccoli on the side to make it a little healthier. Much better to just eat this little one than to end up craving it so bad I order a huge Dominos delivery!)

Friday: 20 min cross-trainer intervals
(This dinner was actually a microwave "steam meal" that I found that had fairly decent ingredients, nothing too weird. It was green veg, baby potatoes and basa fish in a mint dressing, and it didn't really taste minty but was surprisingly very nice!)

Saturday: 5km run, weights, core work
(first time working out in a tank top believe it or not! This one from Penneys is actually quite nice - and yep, I had to stand on my bed to get a picture in the mirror of my outfit...)

Sunday: 7km run 

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