Friday, 29 August 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 18 - 24 August

Cue the excuses. I know, I know, I suck at blogging! I have a bunch of reasons I could blab on about - my last week of work, having a bunch of work projects to finish off before leaving, starting to get caught up in going back to college, plus some medical issues - but realistically I'm just not making blogging a high enough priority. Well, that stops today! I love this blog and I want it to be interesting and engaging to read, and that's not going to happen unless I make time. So this is the last time I'll promise this, cos it will stick this time - I will post more from here on out! Anyway, on to my recap...

This week was my first week on my half marathon training plan, and surprisingly, it went really well! I managed to get everything done and on the right days, despite feeling crappy for a couple of days and wondering whether I'd be able to keep to the plan (one of my runs was literally done at 11pm. I got it on the right day with a mere 20 minutes to spare).

Monday: 5km easy

Tuesday: 5km speedwork, weights

(such an awkward pose... I was trying to show you guys my shorts!)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 5km easy, core

 (this is my new running belt, which arrived the other day. Handy for sticking my keys or phone in - hopefully this means more on-the-run photos since I can bring my phone now!)

Friday: 20 min cross-trainer, 10 min bike, weights
Saturday: 10km long run

Sunday: rest (with a little bit of strength & core)

Here's hoping next week is as good! I've got one week left of the 10km long runs, then the distance starts increasing... scary!

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