Friday, 22 August 2014

WIAW #1: My First Ever What I Ate Wednesday!

I'm doing my very first What I Ate Wednesday, courtesy of Jenn at the Peas & Crayons blog!

Okay, so a teeny bit of a fail - these are pictures of what I ate on Wednesday, but because I sort of forgot I eat until the end of the day, it never crossed my head I should probably do a day other than the actual day of WIAW to actually take pictures. But no. And the irony is I forgot to take the final picture of the day anyway, so I could have put this up after dinner, but nevermind. And of course I missed actually getting into the linkup on the blog too.

You live and learn, right?! So next week will be better. Anyway, onto the food!


 I actually have breakfast with my dad a lot on Wednesdays - it's my only rest day during the week, so I'm not working out in the morning, and he works weekdays in the city so we have breakfast. Insomnia is probably my favourite 'big chain' coffee shop - their tea is divine and they make really good food too. So I had two of these big cups of tea, along with some amazing banana bread. (Can you spot my dad's scone lurking in the back?)


 A turkey and cream cheese multigrain roll, a banana and some berries. I love fruit and often try to get a different kind to test out each week - this week I got some amazing blackberries and they were divine.

Afternoon snacks

 I'm still obsessed with the Nakd apple pie bars, they're incredible and actually inspired me to buy some cinnamon this week. No idea what I'll do with it yet but these bars have reminded me how much I love it - and how well it goes with raisins and apple, too. Might have to make some kind of fancy dessert concoction! I also had an apple on my walk home - forgot to take a picture but I'm sure you know what apples look like :P


 Some yellowfin sole - this one is in a lemon crumb and tastes awesome - and mixed veg for dinner today. These veggies are actually cooked from frozen, in my all time favourite frozen mix - carrots, broccoli and cauliflower are my three favourite vegetables so I love that they make a big mixed bag of just those three frozen, it's great. I had some strawberries and yoghurt for dessert - I was nearly out of strawberries so it's kind of hard to see them in there but they exist, promise!

Evening snack

Completely and totally forgot to photograph this but I had half a wholemeal bagel with peanut butter. Sooooo good. 
Today was a rest day for me, so I don't eat quite as much as I would on workout days, but I had a lovely day of good food that made me and my body happy. I'm trying to work on adding more vegetables to my day and not relying on bread so much - bagels will always feature in my breakfasts and bedtime snacks but I'd rather change up my lunch to include less bread, maybe with some pasta or something instead. I'm hoping once college is back it will be easier to change up my meals a bit more during the week!

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