Monday, 5 May 2014

Grocery haul

Today was a rest day because it was a super-stressed panic day, as I start exams tomorrow, and I really needed an evening of just laying on my bed watching TV and relaxing before a crazy week. I'd debated between a rest day today or tomorrow, but with my speed work yesterday and 3 days of hard running in a row, I figured a day off could be good. Plus I'll probably want to vent my post-exam frustration in the gym every other day. 

I normally hate taking Mondays off because I generally only take 1 rest day a week, plus 1 cross-training day, and 5 running days, so taking Monday for me usually means I commit to workouts every other day. But that's okay! My gym was closed today anyway so it would have been roads, and I just wasn't feeling it. Although for some reason now I want to go... talking about it makes me want it. I may be forced to lace up my shoes in a few minutes!

But before that, I popped by Tesco to pick up some groceries, and thought you might like to see! I'm super nosy and love looking at what other people eat, so I thought some other people might be the same. 

This is everything spread out on my desk. It looks small, but bear in mind that as a student who only does one person worth of groceries, I rarely use up and need to re-buy everything each week. Among other things I already have: wholewheat pasta, pasta sauce, wholegrain bread, green apples, brown rice, 2 chicken breasts, cream cheese, muesli, frozen veg and tuna. So this is just what I needed to pick up this week :P

Bananas, sliced turkey (I try to get the smallest amount of processing I can afford - the closer to actual deli turkey the better!), broccoli (food of the gods), and some gala apples - I went through a green apple phase recently but am back to my standard yummy reds now.

Milk - I get semi skimmed (2%) because skimmed is basically water and does nothing. Also some strawberry yogurt for eating with muesli at breakfast. And a better view of the broccoli, because the more broccoli you get - even in visual form - the better ;)

Wholemeal bagels (sooooo yummy, I tried these for the first time on Saturday and LOVED them and they'll be my new staple), some tea as I'm nearly out, and a box of Jordans Frusli bars. 

These are lovely because they're almost entirely natural ingredients - a very, very small quantity of glucose syrup for binding but mainly just fruit and oats. They taste great and are also dairy-free, which I like. They're 123 calories each, and generally a nice mid-afternoon or pre-workout pick-me-up. 

I forgot to put this on the table to take its photo with everything else but I got this too (ignore my awful, awful nails!). Caesar salad is by far my favourite but the dressing is always so high in calories - an ordinary bottle of Caesar dressing tends to have 50-70 calories per tablespoon. This bottle apparently only has 10! Ingredients-wise it's not great but for that occasional hit of Caesar salad love, I won't moan about a tablespoon or two worth of ingredients. Let's hope it tastes good!

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