Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 5-11 May

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6km tempo run, weight training
Wednesday: 3km hill training on treadmill, 10 min bike, core work, resistance in Keiser room 
Thursday: 5km recovery run, 10 min stair climber, weight training

Friday/Saturday: rest
Sunday: 9km long slow run, core work

I've been a sucky blogger this week and taken barely any pictures of anything. But what can I say? This week was hard. I started into my exams and had a thoroughly horrific 6 exams in 4 days,  and five of them were my five worst subjects (Wednesday's was luckily my best class and went beautifully, a nice pick-me-up after a nightmare two-exam Tuesday!). Some of them I'm crossing my fingers I'll scrape by, others I know I made it but not by a lot. One of them my class are even going to complain about to the head of the department because it was so unfairly, unmanageably long and difficult!
By the end of the week I was shattered. Tired, stressed, miserable, upset about not doing as well on some exams as I'd hoped. So I took Friday (after my second exam of the day ended at 4pm) and Saturday as total rest days - from running, studying, everything. I went to the cinema with my boyfriend (Bad Neighbours is great!), wandered around shops, had McDonalds and pizza in the space of two days, ate Oreos, and watched 16 episodes of Make It or Break It in a single day. I'm feeling a lot better now! Sometimes you just need a day or so of doing whatever you feel like and not caring about anything. 
This week will be much more chill exam-wise. I've only got four exams spread out over five days, with no two-a-day nightmares this week! They're in four classes I really like and feel I can do well in, and they're all in the morning, leaving me with 11.30am to bedtime to study, work out and de-stress. So expect to see a lot more of me! I did fairly decently workout-wise but taking Monday off really threw me, so I'm hoping to bring it up a notch this week. Expect good things! :)

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