Sunday, 18 May 2014

It finally feels like summer!

It was HOT out today you guys! Hot hot hot. It was 23 degrees, which I know if you live in an actual hot place is probably chilly to you, but for us 23 is almost as good as it gets and I spent the day in a little sundress. Exam weather has arrived! (Is this a thing outside of Ireland as well? Good weather tends to start during the college exams and stick around until the end of the Leaving Cert exams in June, and then vanish so all the just-finished students miss out on it...)

Thank God for tempo shorts and loose light t-shirts or I'd have died on my long run this morning. Also thank God for having to be somewhere at 11.30 and so setting my alarm early for my run - any later and I'd have melted into a teeny puddle on the path. 10 kilometres + 23 degrees = Karen barely making it out alive :P

This is pre- and post-run, aka reasonable temperature vs almost dying. (I took the lift back up to my apartment purely so I could use the big lift mirror to take a selfie for you guys, it's bigger than any mirror I have! Why do they put such big mirrors in lifts anyway?)

(Also in case you think my tempo shorts look huge that's cos they are - I got a medium even though a small fits fine because I like having loads of room in my running clothes. I haaaaate feeling restricted so anything that isn't super stretchy has to be loose for me. Plus it's easier to do squats in looser shorts!)

I made it a full six kilometres before I realised the giant tag was still on these shorts...

And of course I just kept going and waited to get home to take it off. 

I've got a water bottle with me because I'm trying to get used to carrying one with me, so it won't feel weird on my summer races (which will likely be hot, and dodging past the water stations on huge races saves loads of time). I've been severely dehydrated before, on a hike with my Scout group when I was 16, and it was not a pleasant experience, so I'm super careful now to stay really well hydrated. Trust me, it's worth it!

Today also involved a sneaky Insomnia tea-and-brownie stop and a trip to see Godzilla - my boyfriend enjoyed it quite a bit but I hated it, it freaked me out plus I felt like they didn't focus on the so-called main character enough to give proper continuity. Just not to my taste.

Tomorrow is a gym day and also my weekly workout recap, so keep an eye out! :)

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