Friday, 2 May 2014

REVIEW: PowerBar Protein Plus Bar (& some rambling)

Life has been stress central lately. Yesterday I basically had an exam meltdown - you know those days when you get a few bits of bad news at once? I had that on top of my super high exam stress levels and I just sort of lost it. Took the rest of the day off and went to my boyfriend's to drink tea, eat Club Milks and help him study for his Stats exam. 

Buuuuut I got up this morning (having had 8 glorious hours of sleep in their huge super-comfy guest bed) and decided today would be a much better day. I'm studying but taking it really easy - plenty of tea, breaks and none of this 9 hours in the library, I'm at my own desk in my own room. With my own tea ;) 

And I started the morning with my long run - I'd debated between doing it today or tomorrow but I was just in the mood to run for ages and clear my head, so I did it today.

By the way - I know my pace sucks here. I took it reeeeeeally slow because I'd planned on only upping my long run to 7km this week, but this morning I was feeling the 8km and decided to do it but very gently. But I ran every step :)

And then I came home and had the most comforting possible lunch...

So I know there's added sugar in spaghetti hoops, but they are so good and always make me feel better. I eat the whole two-serving can because I eat them plain - I know most people put theirs on toast but I just like to eat them on their own, I'm weird like that! 

Aaaand then I managed to put too many clothes in the dryer so none of them dried properly and I ended up blow-drying my socks. Classy. 

Post-gym/pre-lunch I tried out the PowerBar that I got on my Holland & Barrett trip, and as promised, here's a review!

PowerBar Protein Plus Bar

These bars have an impressive 17g of protein, and are only 187 calories - unfortunately I threw out the wrapper because it was covered in goo (you'll see why!) so they're the only numbers I have, but that's all you need, right?! Ingredients-wise, the main thing that stuck out to me was that there's lots of artificial stuff in here, including three kinds of bad artificial sugars - fructose syrup, invert sugar syrup, and oligofructose syrup. So I figured I'd try them out, but unless they blew me away I'd be steering clear in future anyway, as those ingredients are not the kind of thing to be putting in your body.

They're coated in chocolate, but inside are actually very soft and gooey - and be warned! If you accidentally crack the chocolate when they're in your bag, the chocolate gets all over the wrapper, and it's sticky! So take more care than I did with them ;)

Taste-wise, I wasn't a fan. They taste like a very specific type of cake I've had before but can't quite place - possibly those Cadbury cake bars? It's actually quite a dark chocolate, and the cakey taste comes across pretty strong - I was hoping they'd be more like proper chocolate but unfortunately not. They also didn't keep me full for as long as a lot of other protein I've tried, which may be because they're lower in carbs than other things, but was a warning sign that the protein may not be as high-quality.

I suspect these don't fully agree with my stomach either, as I wasn't feeling the best after eating it - although I don't want to point the finger, as I sort of accidentally had pizza for dinner last night and my stomach doesn't really like pizza much (my brain does though! so I usually just put up with having a sore tummy afterwards, although I probably shouldn't). But these definitely made it worse. 

Overall, not impressed - dodgy ingredients, not the nicest taste, didn't keep me full for long, and my stomach isn't a fan. Definitely won't be repurchasing these!

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