Friday, 16 May 2014

Summer evening walks

I only have one exam left!

Then nobody needs to listen to me waffling on about how hard they are anymore ;)

This week I had to shuffle my rest day around to get enough study time for this morning's exam, so it ended up on Thursday. Ugh. At least it's not Monday again! I'm trying to get it to Sunday but it's tricky to move rest days around, does anyone else think so? 

Anyway. I did a 5km moderate-pace run today - it was actually really warm outside for pretty much the first time this year, so I sped up my recovery run a bit to get used to working hard in the heat. 

This was me taking an awkward selfie in my gym bathroom mirror. Lucky nobody walked in on me... it was even more awkward since I had to stand on my toes so you could see I was wearing shorts. :/

 I just got this t-shirt during the week and I am in love with it! I have a bunch of bright fun sports bras and never really know how to show them off without just wearing a sports bra, which I don't really like doing. So this is perfect! This is two sizes too big and is a really loose thin cotton t-shirt from Penneys, and it's so nice to work out in I'll be back to get more. 

Ate one of these after the gym. Still love them! 

I went to the cinema ("The Wind Rises" - stunning, go see it!) and for a drink with a friend this evening, and since it was such a gorgeous day out I decided to walk home. It takes me a little over 45 minutes to walk home from the city centre and usually I don't really like it, but it was amazing today. Very therapeutic and a great shakeout for my running-tired legs! Plus it was pretty.

I'm in the process of trying to sort out my summer plans - I've got a bunch of possibilities in the works, but it depends on what pans out and what doesn't, so we'll see! BUT I registered for my other two summer races today and I'm so excited!

Tomorrow is long run day, hopefully, but it depends on the timing of some other plans I have so we'll see. But either way, running will happen! See you soon :)

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