Tuesday, 13 May 2014


So exams are hard. Like, really hard. I'm finished the exams for the classes I hated, at least, and everything left I enjoy, but it's still such hard going - the past two days I've had morning exams, which has meant studying until midnight and then getting back up at 6am to fit in a review before the exam. Not fun! Hopefully today will be a bit more chill. 

Today I hit the gym for a bit of moderately challenging speedwork...

I did an interval pattern with plenty of recovery, because I wanted to get some decent distance in too, so I needed to make it all the way to the end! The pattern went like this:

400m @ recovery pace 8.5km/h
100m @ 9.5km/h
300m @ recovery pace 8.5km/h
100m @ 9.5km/h
100m @ 10.5km/h

And repeat five times. Then I stretched, and then I literally just sat down on the gym mat and tried not to die. ...and then I did core because that's what I do. I always feel like with a 5-1o minute rest break in between I could keep going with working out for aaaaaaaaages - although I've never really wanted to test this out to extremes because I'd rather not die, thanks! 

I was thinking about positivity recently. It's easy to do runs or reps or crunches or whatever and spend the whole time thinking, "This is so hard! There's no way I can finish this... maybe I should reduce my distance/reps/whatever... I can't do this on the level I wanted to... I'm not able..." 

But that's stupid. If someone - yourself! - keeps telling you that you can't do something, it gets so much harder. So today I decided to be my own cheerleader. And the difference was astonishing. Not only did I knock out my full 5k of intervals exactly how I'd wanted, I also held a 65-second plank for the first time ever. I know it's kind of lame to not be able to do that, but it just goes to show how much you hold yourself back when you're being negative!

Food-wise I've had a lovely week so far. I've been home in the evenings to study so I've been making proper food for once (no Tupperware pasta!) 

 That one on the left was yesterday, and it looks skimpy in the picture until you realise that is a MASSIVE dinner plate and I actually ate an entire head of broccoli. It was nearing the end of its life and I didn't know when else I'd get to eat it so I just cooked all of it - I love broccoli so much. And that salmon is so messy because I cooked it in the microwave but it was probably the nicest salmon I've ever eaten in my life. 

I tried this today...

 A Nakd Cashew Cookie bar. I dropped into Holland & Barrett yesterday to get more Peanut Protein Blast Balls and ended up getting two Nakd bars too - am I the only person that always buys more than they mean to in H&B? Every single time I go there I end up getting something new to try. 

I got this one and the Cocoa Delight one, which I ate basically immediately so forgot to take pictures of :/ Which is sad because I loved it, whereas I'm not quite as keen on this one as I expected it to have a stronger nutty taste, but I found the dates a little bit overwhelming. Still amazing though! Raw fruit and nuts, completely dairy free with tiny ingredients lists - I'll definitely be going back for more flavours. If you've tried Nakd bars, let me know the best ones to get!

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