Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Food & Injuries?!

It's finally starting to feel like summer! I finished my exams yesterday and there are no words for how happy that makes me. Now - at least until results come out! - I can read and run and wander around outside and make websites and do all kinds of other fun things. Fingers crossed I won't be repeating any exams in August...

It's been hot and sunny since exams finished, so I've been enjoying some nice summer food to get myself in the sunshiney mood. 

 This is one of the new salads that Tesco just brought out in their lunch range. They used to do a chicken platter which was really similar to this one, but I can't find it any more so assume it's gone? But this is the Turkey Platter. Turkey breast slices, cherry tomatoes, yellow pepper, cucumber, red onion, mixed lettuce leaves and a little pot of potato salad. This was yummy! I'm not a big onion fan so left most of that but everything else tasted great! I do wish they'd stuck with coleslaw tubs like the old platter, instead of potato salad, since the potatoes were too chunky and made it difficult to mix it with any of the other ingredients. But I still loved it! I had half a wholemeal bagel with cream cheese to bulk mine up a little.

Fruuuuuuuuuuit! My favourite thing. Does anyone else eat ten times more fruit and veg in the summer? I don't normally buy pre-cut fruit because it's so expensive compared to buying whole fruits and cutting them yourself, but these looked too good to pass up and were two for €3. So nice.

Also, a quick explanation.

A few months ago, around Christmas, I got a muscle strain in my foot. It comes down from my big toe along my inner arch to just above my heel, and took weeks to heal. I've been really careful since then to wear proper running shoes, focus on form, and take very good care of my feet generally, and it hasn't come back.

But yesterday I figured out what caused it! I have a pair of high-heeled boots I got around that time, and yesterday it was raining so I busted them back out for the first time in months. And lo and behold, the minute I took my foot out of them I could feel the same muscle straining! It must be the style of the soles or something but it hurt

I've learned how to stretch and massage that muscle, so I've been working on that. Luckily I only wore them for about two hours so it didn't really get much chance to properly be damaged, and I can't even feel pain when I walk or run, so I came off lightly! I took today pretty easy, with 45 minutes of the bike before just one kilometre of speedwork, and will hopefully wake up tomorrow with a perfectly healed foot. At least I know the cause!

Moral of the story: if you run, treat your feet like gold dust. They need to be looked after all the time, not just when you run! If any of your shoes don't make your feet feel good, chuck them immediately - it's not worth it, trust me.

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