Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Friday Five of July!

Friday Five time again... it literally seems like I wrote the last one yesterday. Where is my summer going?! Come baaaaaack....

1. Fruit adventures

I wanted to mix up my fruit a bit this week - I tend to stick fairly rigidly to apples and bananas but I wanted something a little bit more exciting, so (as well as a tray of apples and a bunch of bananas, because I'd miss them too much!) I picked up a little packet of blueberries and a punnet of peaches this week. Soooooo yummy! I've been eating the blueberries as a pre-dinner snack because I'm always ravenous when I get home from work, and I had a peach for breakfast this morning with a protein bar. Hopefully next week I can pick up some more awesome fruit! I'm thinking maybe blackberries or raspberries...

2. Speedwork

I know - who am I?! Normally I'm all about the long slow distance, but recently I've just been getting such a huge kick from doing speedwork. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment and I've been hitting goals I didn't think I'd make, which is fantastic. Plus you don't need to be out there forever to get that lovely tired-out feeling in your legs! Which brings me to my third favourite...

3. The treadmill

I know. You think I've lost my mind. I can see where you're coming from! I've been dodging the treadmill for ages now - it's literally months since I last used one - but I got on one to do my speedwork on Tuesday and I'm hooked. I used to really enjoy the treadmill a couple of years ago and I'm now sort of remembering why. It's convenient, it's easy, and the miles just slip away without needing too much effort. No traffic lights, no awkward pedestrian crossings, no dodging bikes... it's lovely. I know it's counterintuitive in summertime but I might actually do a bit more treadmill work.

4. Bagels

Wholemeal bagels are right up there with my favourite foods of all time, and I've been adding them in all over the place recently. For breakfast, lunch, snacks, as a side at dinner, and with cream cheese, butter, turkey, chicken, or peanut butter. I've already had two today...

5. Nutri-Grain Raisin Breakfast Bakes

Remember when these used to be Nutri-Grain Elevenses? Much better name - I wouldn't ever eat these for breakfast really, but they make amazing snacks. And yes, I know they've got a decent bit of processed crap in there and aren't really that much more nutritious than a regular treat bar, but they're like a pre-packaged cake and I'm obsessed. I literally need to buy these one at a time because I'll devour a box if it's in my house! I like them for evening snacks, or sometimes for that mid-afternoon kick at work when I'm slacking a bit.


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