Monday, 21 July 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 14 - 20 July

This recap is going to be a bit of a sad one, I'm afraid, because at the start of the week I still had food poisoning and although I was almost better, I was still getting intermittent stomach cramps that made it too hard to run. I wanted to make sure I was totally okay before starting back, since I'd rather miss a few days now than miss weeks later! So we only have three little days to account for. Oh well...

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 5km easy

Friday: 6km + sprints (it was SO HOT! which is why I sort of look like I died)

Saturday: 10km long easy run (the last hurrah for my old running shoes!)

Sunday: rest (40 minute walk)

At least I got some pictures for you guys, right?! Sunday I was holed up in my room for literally 14 hours straight working - as a web developer, the day a website goes live is always manic, and I've never worked so hard. 7am to 9pm with literally no breaks... not so fun. At least I got out for a bit of a walk at the end of the day! And the site is live now so I don't have to worry anymore.

Going into this week the main goal is distance. Lots of distance. I still have my training plan but it may get shuffled around a little bit - I actually have free evenings now so I'm thinking about using one or two of them for the gym and swapping some other days. I also really want to start doing yoga - I can see it being really beneficial for my mind as well as helping me to stretch a bit more - and once Dun Laoghaire is over I'm excited to start cross-training more often. The future looks good, guys!

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