Saturday, 19 July 2014

Friday Fives: A Triumphant Return

After skipping a week of Friday Five last week (sorry!) the randomness is back with a bang! Here's five things I've been liking, loving and frequenting this week...

1. My new shoes

So I got new running shoes and I am in love! There'll be a full post up soon all about my gait analysis and what I like about these shoes, but they're Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s and they are so beautiful.


2. Smooth peanut butter (aka the best food ever invented)

I have no pictures of this because that would mean delaying eating it, and that's not happening. Remember when I tried crunchy for the first time and it was revolutionary? Well, smooth peanut butter turns out to be even better. I'm officially obsessed.

3. Zero High5 electrolyte tabs

These perfectly fill a hole in my life. I wanted something to replenish my electrolytes after runs but not give me energy - I'll stick with bananas and bagels for that, much tastier! - and these do the trick. 

4. Country music

Bit of a random one, I know, but last week I went to see Kacey Musgraves live and she was amazing, and now my country music obsession is back full force. If you've never heard it, listen to this acoustic version of 'Mama's Broken Heart' - it's a Miranda Lambert song, but Kacey co-wrote it and this version is hers, and I actually like it much better.

5. Nakd bars

Do I need words?! These are the perfect afternoon snack, pre-run snack, bedtime snack... everything really. Since I found out you can get boxes of them in Tesco I've been buying them regularly to take to work and I'm hooked. Sidenote: the fruit flavours are usually better than the chocolatey ones. This goes against all my instincts but it's true!


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