Thursday, 17 July 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 7 - 13 July & an Explanation!

So I disappeared for a little while. Just as everything was looking so good, I vanished from my blog for a whole week - why? What happened?! 

I got food poisoning. Yep, Friday night before my race, trying to carb up for the morning, I ate some rice that it turns out was both undercooked and had been sitting in my press for way longer than you should keep anything. Long story short, I had to take five days off running, because as well as the standard food poisoning symptoms I also got these awful stomach cramps that took ages to properly ease. Not fun :(

So we're going to do a very quick, short workout recap and then move on! And I do still have a Clontarf 5 Mile recap coming up for you guys very soon.

Monday: 6km easy, core
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 5km speed, weights
Thursday: 5km hill work
Friday: 5km speed, Keiser air resistance
Saturday: rest
Sunday: rest

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