Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Special Announcements for July!

Why hello there! Can you believe it's July already?! I'm a third of the way through my summer... *sob*

But it's hard to be sad when it is so gorgeous outside. Let's all just take a minute to appreciate how freaking beautiful this city is right now...

These are all from my journeys to and from work today. Weather like this just reminds me why I adore Dublin so much. I've started taking photos of everyday pretty scenes in the sunshine just to remind me how gorgeous it is.

Now that you're done indulging me and my random photos, for some special announcements! Not one, not two but three.


The best thing in the world - we finally got internet in my new house. A month to the day since I moved in here. You are going to be inundated with blog posts now that I can blog all the time from the comfort of my own home :P

#2 - The July Squat Challenge

I mentioned a while ago how I've been forgetting to do squats, and how I really need to do them. Well, I decided to kick start my squats routine by making a commitment - 100 squats a day in July! I'm really excited - I've made a little note on my phone and everything and am checking them off in 10s throughout the day. 


Yep, you read that right. I'm DOING A HALF MARATHON! I decided a little while ago but was waiting for a good time (and a good internet connection...) to tell you guys, plus I wanted to be certain I really wanted it. I'll be running the Clonakilty Waterfront Half Marathon on the 6th of December. Why December, you may wonder? Because I'll be training for Dun Laoghaire, working on my 10k times, until August, and then I want two weeks of relative rest and a slightly longer training cycle (16 weeks). Plus I've never done a "destination" race before, and this one will involve staying over in a B&B for the night - so exciting! And besides, I prefer running in cooler weather. 

Training plans will go up here soon, as soon as I work out the kinks. But I'm EXCITED!

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