Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 30 June - 6 July

This is so late, my bad! I've had way too much going on recently, and the past few days were a crazy intersection of work deadlines, missed sleep and some medical issues, which just left me incapable of getting posts up. But everything should be more or less sorted out now, with a bit more balance, and I'm excited to post way-too-much as usual ;) So here's my (belated) weekly workout recap to kick things off.

Monday: 6km recovery run, core
Tuesday: 5km speedwork, weights, core

Wednesday: rest (this picture is from my walk to Clontarf to get my race number!)

Thursday: rest
Friday: 6km speedwork, weights 

Saturday: 8km (Clontarf 5 Mile) + 2km, core

Sunday: 2km run, weights, core, Keiser air resistance 

This was one of those weeks where you feel like you didn't do much until you write it down. I've got a training plan written out for Dun Laoghaire but every week I seem to swap days around or combine workouts differently. I'm hitting all the basic components of my plan each week though so that's good! And I really am noticing a difference in what I can do speed-wise, so that's exciting. Here's to being another week closer to my "goal race"...

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