Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Shoes, New Jewellery, New Motivation!

It's been a little bit of a low motivation week here. On Tuesday I had to get a blood test, which always knocks me about a bit - I have the horrible combination of being terrified of them and always fainting (I get weird adrenaline reactions - I also tend to faint if I have a bad fall) and having really awful veins so it takes forever to get somewhere to take it. I always spend the day of a blood test feeling a bit weird and wobbly... not fun. 

But last night I headed out for a run and it was just one of those runs. It shouldn't have been - I'd eaten crap all day, it was really late, I hadn't been sleeping well or enough for a few days - but it was just beautiful. I did some speedwork and then at the end, on my walk home, I threw in a few sprints, just because I could. You know when you're sprinting and it feels like you're actually flying and nothing can touch you? That right there is the whole reason I run, and it was beautiful. Such a perfect reminder of why I do this and why it's worth it.

But I have had two other motivation boosters to help me along my way recently too ;) First up are my beautiful new shoes! 

These are Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s, also known as the upgrade to my beautiful 9s that you've seen so much on the blog. And man is this colour bright! I'm finding it tricky to work out what to wear with them - especially what socks. Everything I owned was bought with fairly muted purple-and-white shoes in mind... but these are lovely. Just as supportive as the 9s but much lighter - they've changed all the materials in the upper to make them less heavy and easier to run in, and I am in love.

I also got something else recently that's been a huge motivation booster and I just had to show you guys. 

These two are from Momentum Jewelry and they're absolutely gorgeous. The bracelet is a really soft fabric that you wind around your wrist a few times - it's stretchy so it will be really secure, and they're designed to be worn while working out so you can do whatever you want (and get as sweaty as you want!) without them rubbing or chafing or anything. I got a custom message on mine, but they also have heaps of pre-set phrases you can get. 

Case in point: my FootNote. This is a little silver plaque that threads onto your shoelaces at the front of your shoe, and I love it. I can spot the little flash of silver when I run and it's really motivating - even when I can't see it, just knowing it's there gives me a boost. It doesn't rattle or jingle either, huge bonus! Mine says 'Accept No Limits', which is one of their pre-sets, and I love it.

Also - this place has the best customer service of anywhere I've ever shopped. I had some issues with ordering because (being Irish) I don't have a zipcode, and they were so nice, going so far as to sort everything out over a long-distance phone call and give me a discount while I was at it. (By the way - I'm not sponsored or affiliated or anything, I just think this company and what it stands for is awesome, and I want to share!)

So between my new shoes, my new jewellery, and my awesome run last night, things are lookin' pretty good around here :) Hopefully this is the boost I need!

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