Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Five for Friday the 13th!

So completely out of the blue about ten minutes ago, I decided to start doing posts I'm going to call "Friday Fives", every Friday. I know lots of people have variations on this, from five random facts from their week to five workouts they did to 'Fitness Friday' recaps, but mine will (so far, anyway! if it works out) be five fitness-health-food-life-y things I've been loving or doing a lot during the week. Be prepared for anything, you guys! 

1. Early morning runs in the sunshine.

The Irish weather has been so warm recently, but it tends to be hot and overcast later in the day. My full-time work schedule (so intense! how did I do this in retail last year?!) means it's more convenient for me to work out at 6.30am anyway, and I've loved beating the late heat and catching the sun before it vanishes behind clouds for the evening. Plus nothing beats being able to come home from work and justifiably sit around reading Game of Thrones all evening. 

2. Nakd bars

I've always been one for more chewy, oat-y bars, and it's so nice to find something yummy (and chewy!) that's also really good for you. I've tried out a bunch of the chocolate ones and some are pretty good, but I actually think I like the fruity ones better. 

3. Running to the gym

Since moving a lot closer to my gym a couple weeks ago, I've discovered the joy in beating out a few kilometres running to it, doing strength training, and then taking the direct route (2 kilometres) home again. Running again after standing about for a bit is challenging in the best way, plus it's lovely to get to use the gym equipment and still be able to use my own shower. 

4. Bananas

All runners love bananas. Fact. I've been eating them for years, but I never really loved them - I liked them, sure, but would always have preferred an apple or some strawberries. But for some reason I've recently become obsessed with them! I've had three already today, no joke. I've been loving half a bagel with cream cheese and a banana for breakfast post-run, and eating them as an after-work-walk-home snack to tide me over until dinnertime. Bananas everywhere!

5. Ice cream

Because it's summer and it's hot and ice cream is my favourite treat anyway. I've usually got a box of some kind of ice cream bars (the nicest kind of ice cream, no?) stashed in my freezer. This week I had a couple of Mars ice cream bars, and a couple of Polar Bars - basically the Aldi knockoff version of Icebergers. (Not as good as the original, but at €2.50 for six I'll take it!)    

By the way, in case you're wondering why I'm such a crappy blogger recently - still no internet in my house. Hopefully getting it fixed this coming week! Til next time.

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