Monday, 16 June 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9 - 15 June

Monday: 5km run, core
Tuesday: 2km + 2km run, weights
Wednesday: 7km run, core

Thursday: rest
Friday: 5km run 

Saturday: 5km + 2km run, weights
Sunday: 10km long run

It's been a goooooood running week! Higher distance than I've done in a long time, clocking in at 38 kilometres for the week. I've been hitting really good times on my shorter runs lately - I can keep every kilometre of a 5k under 7 minutes these days, which is a long way from my previous times! I feel great. This is just what I needed after my Flora disaster - lots of decent distance. I was right about needing to just put in more miles. 

Running to the gym has been lovely, and it makes a huge difference getting back out on the road after doing some strength training. Basically, this week has been amazing, and I really hope I can keep it up next week! I want to do a bit more core work, start including some more runner-specific strength training (more squats!) and also get up on a treadmill for some decent treadmill speedwork. Fingers crossed it all goes okay!

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