Thursday, 19 June 2014

Spontaneous Race Signup!

If you've read my last weekly workout recap, you'll know I'm feeling really good about training at the moment. Lots of decent quality distance has really brought me up and made me happy with my running progress. This is just the time I'd want to have a race coming up soon - a bit of wiggle room for some more improvements, but a really solid baseline that wouldn't have much time to diminish. So... I decided to sign up for one on Sunday week!

I'll be running the Funlavin 10k on Sunday 29th. Dunlavin is sort of middle-of-nowhere, a decent drive both from the city and from my parents' house, but it looks like a lovely race (super flat!) and I'm so much in the mood for a 10k. I'm racing the weekend after but only five miles, and my next planned 10k wasn't until August - way too far for summer racing season! :P

I've spent the week shuffling my rest days around, as usual. Struggling with tension in my calves - this is always the area my body gets a bit tight if I throw a ton of extra miles at it - and I'm working on stretching/foam-rolling them but I figured taking Wednesday for my rest day couldn't hurt. Of course this leaves me with the difficult question of when to take rest days next week - I want to take one Friday, but I don't know if I can make it that far with only that one rest day. We'll see...

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