Saturday, 28 June 2014

Friday Five - on Saturday....


Yeah, so it's Saturday morning now, not Friday. My bad! I came home last night to spend the weekend at home with my parents, and between rushing out of work at 5.30, making dinner, packing (of course I left it until half an hour before leaving), washing dishes, getting two buses and finally making it home, I had no time for my Friday Five. Boo :(

But better late than never, right? :P So here are five of the things I've loved / liked / frequented / obsessed over this week!

1. Strawberries

My god do I love strawberries. And I'm lucky - my parents grow them, so they've been sending up tubs of them for me to eat. Plain, with yoghurt, with all kinds of other fruit - any way you eat them, strawberries are awesome. I'm hoping to try them in salad soon too!

2. Rest days

I know this is a bit of an odd one, but I've come to really appreciate my rest days. I used to be one of those people who'd do anything to avoid an actual rest day - bike instead of running, do a really short run, run at an easier pace... but my body just can't handle that. I've learned that I need a two-rest-day-a-week training plan. And it's lovely - the five other days I feel so strong and capable. I really do work better this day.
3. Countryside runs (and walks, and drives...)

Being home for the weekend means lots of big blue skies and green fields. I think this every time I come home, but you don't realise how much you miss the countryside until you get back to it. I love it here.

4. Fish

I've always loved fish, but recently I've been obsessed. I'll have fish for dinner more often than not now, and this week I discovered the "lightly dusted" frozen yellowfin sole in Aldi and was sold. They have two variations - garlic and herb crumb or lemon crumb - and although I haven't tried the lemon yet, the garlic and herb one is gorgeous.

5. Pizza

Because who doesn't love pizza?!

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