Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday Five!

Welcome to the end of the week - can you hear my sighs of happiness through your screen? - and the time for a brand new Friday Five. Five things I've liked, loved, frequented or found interesting this week. 

1. Peanut Butter

Can you believe I've never tried peanut butter until this week? In my defence, nut butter isn't really a big thing here, but still, it's becoming fairly widely available and every health blogger seems to rave about it. So I figured I better pick up a jar and try some, and I am hooked! So far I've had it on toast and these multigrain crackers, which are awesome and my new bedtime snack of choice, but I want to try it on bananas next.

2. Bed Early, Up Early

It's no secret to anyone that I'm a morning person. With my working schedule, it's easier to work out in the mornings before work anyway, and I'm very happily settling into an up-at-6am, bed-at-10pm schedule that I love. It makes me so happy and energised and just generally great and I love it.

3. This amazing burger from The Counter

The Counter is a custom burger bar on Suffolk Street (and a ton of international locations!) and we went there for dinner tonight. I always like burger bars that let you get a salad instead of a bun, and this was the best salad ever because they let you 'build' it yourself - you tick off your ingredients on a little form. This was the best meal I have eaten in a very, very long time, or possibly ever - yep, it's that good! My 'burger bowl' had a 1/3 lb turkey burger, mixed baby greens, cucumber, carrots, coleslaw, dried cranberries (!), feta cheese and Thai sweet chilli dressing. SO GOOD. (That epic plate of fries was our sharing plate!) Also this was waaaay bigger than it looks in the photo...

4. Cereal

No pictures, because I ate it all. But Coco Pops are the greatest food ever invented. Chemical, sugary, made of a million artificial additives, super-processed? Yep, but they are also yummy. Like, insanely yummy. 

5. Being back at the gym

Since starting work, I've found it difficult to find time to actually go to the gym properly, not just running there and back to do some strength training. This morning I figured out a way to go before work, and I missed it! You'll hear more about my tempo treadmill run soon, probably, but I did 5km with 3 of them at my goal pace for Dun Laoghaire (my next 10k PR attempt race, in August). It was actually surprisingly really nice to run on a treadmill again!

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