Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 16 - 22 June

Monday: 5km shakeout run
Tuesday: 2km + 2km, weights
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 7km run, core

Friday: 5km tempo treadmill run, weights
(bet you missed my awkward super-sweaty changing room selfies!)

Saturday: rest - with a 45 min walk

Sunday: 10km run, core

So much for doing more squats... I think my strength-training sessions were the only times I did any squats last week. Oh well. At least I got better at taking pictures!

I took two rest days this week, for possibly the first time since Paris? I'm always one for feeling guilty about multiple weekly rest days, but this week they were sorely needed. My calves were so tight they felt like snapping, and even walking down hills on my way home from work was pulling them too much, so I gave them a bit of an easy week. 

Saturday I went to visit my aunt, who's just had an operation at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry, and got to walk through Northwood. I used to live in Northwood ages ago, back in my first year of college, and it's so awkward for the city centre but it's so beautiful. It's a huge gated community with loads of apartment blocks, student apartments, a gym, shops, cafes, a hotel and a McDonald's. All those pictures are from inside the gates, that's how lovely it is. And such a gorgeous day for it too!

Food this week has involved healthy fats (mainly in peanut or peanut butter form), lots of strawberries (my parents grow them and keep sending me some!) and my first ever positive experience with coconut water. I got this orange Vita Coco in my Flora goody bag but took so long to drink it because I tried plain coconut water before and hated it. But this one's pretty good! Especially if you keep it in the fridge, and especially if you drink it right after a 10km run that you did way too late in the morning, when the sun was way too high.

Excited for more running this week - and also possibly a big announcement about my future racing! Keep your eyes peeled ;) And I'll leave you with the glorious gift my dad gave me on Sunday when he came to visit.

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