Saturday, 7 June 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 26 May - 1 June

Monday: 10k long run
Tuesday: 4km hill training (in Paris!)
Wednesday: 4km hill training (in Paris!)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday....... rest days

Yeah, I sort of sucked later in the week! I was going so well with running in Paris, but on Thursday we spent literally the entire day in Disneyland so I needed all my energy for walking round it, Friday was flying home, and then at the weekend I had such bad blisters from wearing ballet flats all through Paris (BIG mistake) that I didn't want to risk hurting my feet too badly to run Flora. So... yeah. But I did get some dumb photos of my Paris runs! 

Lookin' sweaty in our hotel room after my first 4km hill day - anyone who's ever been to Montmartre will know it's insanely hilly! Oh and that's my boyfriend's hand creeping in from the side there - he wouldn't get properly in the picture but insisted on waving in the back of it! 

This is the area I got to run in - I felt so lucky. These photos probably do it no justice at all but it was just getting dark, lights were starting to come on, and it was so beautiful. Also that's the Montmartre carousel in the first picture, if you look closely! (Sorry these were blurry, I refused to stop running to take steady photos...)

Aaaaaand this is the health food stash I had in our hotel room after we hit up a Monoprix. The NA bars were great! The GerblĂ© biscuits at the back are 'Choco Magnesium', apparently, and were really tasty but I'm not sure quite how healthy. The almond bars were definitely an energy bar thing but they were kind of gross :/ Oh well. I did the best I could given I speak literally zero French and none of the boxes had much in the way of English descriptions (although I recognised 'Nutrition & Sport' on the front of the almond bars box). 

A proper Paris recap - with a million photos of me in Disneyland - is coming up soon!

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